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Whitney Fredin Events

Hidden Springs, Boise, Idaho | 03.15.2021

“Emily Robb is the absolute best--from the initial contact to confirmation emails, to setup and all communication, I was thoroughly impressed with everything, which is huge for a wedding planner! Emily is warm and pleasant, brings great helpers, and offers such a wonderful service. The trailer is adorable. Emily and Boise Bubbly & Taps was a dream to work with. We will be recommending her services to all our upcoming event clients!”

-Whitney fredin Events

BBT 1.jpg

Koree and dane Mcgrady Wedding

Sun Valley, Idaho  | 09.12.2021

“BBT was a fantastic addition to our wedding. The taps trailer offered our favorite choices of drinks, served by a fun and friendly team who felt more like wedding guests than bartenders. Incorporating BBT into our wedding allowed us to have a unique bar and photo booth experience that offered exactly what we wanted within our budget to give us a classy, memorable, and effortless evening."

-Koree and dane Mcgrady (Bride & GrooM)

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