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How to Save Your Leftover Bubbly From Losing the Bubs

Here are some ways to save your leftover bubbly and keep it from losing its bubbles!

If you haven't already, it's time to invest in an airtight cork. You can find one at your local grocery store and it is SO worth it.

If you want your opened bubbly to keep it's bubbles... keep it ICE cold. Whether it's in a fancy ice bucket or in your sink, keeping your bubbly cold reduced the amount of gas released, saving the bubbles for you!

Have you ever heard of this one before? We don't know how it works, BUT IT DOES.

Dangle a spoon in the mouth of the bottle and stick it in the fridge.

Another classic hack, is the rubber band and plastic wrap method. Simply place cling wrap over the mouth of the bottle and seal it with rubber bands.

The final, and most recommended practice to savoring the bubbles, is to simply drink them :)

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